Making wine is a tradition to share with generations.
Vinters FrissoraOur family crafts American wood crates that make it easier to carry, store, rack and protect your homemade wine investment. Designed to fit newer 6 gallon carboys, it also works great for 5 and 3 gallon glass carboys used as fermentation vessels or for aging for both beer or wine.

Our Carboy Caddy™ carboy carrier is stronger, reliable and more durable than plastic crates, webbing and the carboy neck handles.

The Carboy Caddy makes cleaning easier and safer and when flipped, make racking a breeze. Many have told us that they look great in their home winemaking cellar too!

If you are a home wine making and home brew hobbyists and use glass carboys as a fermentation vessel, order a few personalized pre-assembled Carboy Caddy™'s for your home vintage today.

Wholesale wine merchants and grape suppliers can receive quantity discounts.


All units are by custom order only with a minimum 3 Carboy Caddy's. Delivery is within 2 weeks for most orders.
Use this form to place an order request or to ask us a question, inquire about volume discounts and alternate shipping and delivery methods.
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