About the Carboy Caddy™

The flavor of making 'home-made' wine has been passed down as tradition in the Frissora family.

What started as three cousins and two brothers from Introdacqua, L'Aquilla, has now grown to over 2,200 individual families sprinkled like hot pepper across the world.

Vinters FrissoraThe Bronx New York lineage has followed the traditional techniques of making wine as our ancestors, while improving upon the quality of grape and sanitization.

Every October our family purchases a quantity of select grapes (see resources) and pressed juices from favorite varieties and hosts an event each year to bottle the previous vintage, crush the new grapes and celebrate the harvest (the fruit of the family).

While we've been handed down the old cast iron press, crusher, carboys and barrels, we've had to update our wine making supplies. A few times.

The whiskey barrels are just too old to use anymore and many of the older carboys are either made from a weaker glass, have a smaller neck opening, or no longer have the once common, and often elaborate, wood frame carboy crate to keep them safe. Because of this we've broken a few carboys during racking and it is heartbreaking... and painful.

Unfortunately like the 18 foot Cadillacs, many of the old factories that used to mass produce these carboy crates are no longer around. But they are still a great idea. So we decided to recreate this heirloom, albeit in small quantities, for other discerning home wine making enthusiasts.

We hope you'll pick up a few of our Carboy Caddy™ carboy carriers to protect your family's wine investment too.

- a Vino!

Carboy Caddy™ carboy holder