What is a Carboy?

carboyA carboy is a rigid glass container that many sons and daughters of wine making immigrants came to accept as a fixture of their home.

Back in the day, glass carboys were the only method to carry many liquids and beverages before the invention of plastic decimated the industry.

At one point in American history there were over 75 manufacturing facilities that dedicated their workforce to build stronger, safer and more reliable carboy carriers. It was a smart business decision, as glass often breaks when handled roughly. Keep in mind this is before shock absorbers were as advanced as today.

So if your business relied upon the successful delivery of a liquid via a glass containment vehicle, you didn't want any breakage. Nor do home wine making enthusiasts want today. Beside losing the cost of materials, serious physical harm has been known to occur when dropping a carboy.

The Carboy Caddy™ wine carrier crate
is a traditional hand-made American wood crate that makes it easier to carry, store, rack and protect your homemade wine investment. Fits 6, 5 and 3 gallon carboys used as fermentation vessels or for aging beer and wine.
  • Pre-assembled and sturdy design
  • Hand crafted and built in U.S.A.
  • Made with 100% American lumber
  • Reusable chalk board wine identifier
  • Durable with no-skid rubber feet
  • Easily transport over 150 lbs of wine
  • No straps tol rot or tear
  • Safer than neck handles
  • Custom name stamping available
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